This used to be the home of k e r b e r o s

Kerberos has been silent for a few months, and although we haven't 'officially' mentioned anything, some of you already got the picture: kerberos is dead

but that doesn't mean we are dead, here's what we're doing now:

Kenny Degroote aka as CAINTE has joined forces with psychot-x [rrp] to form acidbrainz. Visit them
He also started producing recently.

Kevin Kyndt aka as C-Creth and Pieter Mechele have joined drum'n'bass organisation desc. Visit their forum

You can still leave your comments and questions at our forum, which will be kept open for an unlimited period of time. :: e n t e r k e r b e r o s f o r u m ::

You'll hear from us

Wim Vanheste, former webmaster